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religion and science, Evolution, Atheism, Christianity, Copying with mortality, religion, spirituality

First Person Singular
An Alternative to God
by Yvon Cormier

There is no soul that lives on past the death of the body, no reincarnation, no life after death.

Most religions today are outdated, and their teachings can no longer be logically sustained. Fear of death and what is to become of us after we die has motivated humans to create stories and belief systems that do not stand up to rational argument. The universe is eternal, but a single human’s place in it is not.

First Person Singular replaces the need to believe in a God that can be explained into nonexistence. This book perspective has been crafted to help us confront the reality of our mortality. The First Person Singular—“I”—will always exist.

By examining issues of religion, history, biology, astrophysics, and philosophy, the author explains how religions cannot be defended as offering a promise of eternal life or reincarnation. Human lives, however remarkable, are but trivial in the scope of evolution and the universe. First Person Singular offers assurance that “I” will live as long as the last human being is alive on Earth.

Yvon Cormier has a medical degree from Laval University, Quebec City, and fellowship training from the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, in respiratory medicine and medical research. He has also studied astrophysics, philosophy, and religion.

Cormier has written more than three hundred peer review medical research articles, nineteen book chapters, and co-edited three medical books on respiratory medicine.

Cormier was born and raised in a strict Catholic family and grew up on Prince Edward Island. He currently lives in Neuville, Quebec, with his wife Yvette.


Yvon Cormier

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