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  • Existentialism Now

    Realizing the Dream of a Whole Self by

    Existentialism Now brings the reader face to face with the stunning realization that each of us has total freedom and total responsibility for the entire world. Setting this realization of salvation in motion is easily arrived at by simply ...

  • Taming My Animus

    A Poemography by

    This book of poetry and photography describes a woman’s fictional journey of psychological maturation, of getting to know, tame and integrate her Inner Man or Animus into her conscious self. The archetype of Animus is the totality of the ...

  • Exploring the Depths

    Soul Journeys Series by

    With Soul Journeys Series: Exploring the Depths, a lovely and mature collection of artwork, poetry, and introspection, author Fran Laurie Olsen welcomes her readers into her inner circle. Written with a compelling clarity of thought and sincerity of ...

  • A Fairy's Tale

    Soul Journeys Series: by

    When a flower fairy, eager to experience as many emotions as possible, decides to switch places with a young human child whom she has come to love, nothing could have prepared her for what she would experience, being born of human parents and ...

  • Psychology of the Spirit

    A New Vision of the Soul Integrating Depth Psychology, Modern Neuroscience, and Ancient Christianity by

    While not all aspects of Carl Gustav Jung’s work have aged well, many of his ideas remain consistent with current concepts in behavioral psychology and neuroscience. Psychology of the Spirit reviews the lasting effects of Jung’s work and how it ...

  • Memoir of a Trance Therapist

    Hypnosis and the Evocation of Human Potentials by

    As individuals bring their raw potentials into existence, the human race evolves. Trance states are the means through which these transformations take place. Trances are concentrated states of engagement with the world. They occur frequently in ...