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    • 132 pages
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  • Keywords
    • Behavioral psychology,
    • Workplace psychopaths,
    • Psychopathic spectrum test,
    • Psychopath study,
    • Social psychology,
    • Industrial organizational psychology,
    • Workplace management

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Ruthless Predators
Miscreants in the Workplace and How to Deal with Them
by Jake Hagerman

You’ve probably met one of these ruthless predators—someone who is charming and slick, confident and keen, manipulative and vindictive. Someone who talks the talk, lies without remorse, and mercilessly works the system, preying on colleagues, superiors, subordinates, and partners in order to climb the proverbial ladder. If you haven’t encountered this individual in your place of work . . . lucky you! It is, unfortunately, statistically likely that you will at some point in your career. The workplace (organization) miscreant, in most cases identified as a subclinical psychopath, is encountered at all levels of organization infrastructure and throughout the myriad of professions that encompass the workplace as we know it. Jake Hagerman, a qualified clinical and industrial-organization psychologist, is here to help you recognize the signs of an organization miscreant and offer practical next steps if you happen to encounter one at your place of business. Plainspoken and candid, the following book entitled, “Ruthless Predators: Miscreants in the Workplace and How to Deal with Them” is a training tool for the general public to improve skill sets for survival in the workplace. Through fifteen case vignettes and an assessment instrument (the “Psychopathy Spectrum Test”), you’ll learn how to recognize the “Dark Tetrad” personality traits of an organization miscreant, how these individuals apply their cat-and-mouse style of manipulation while hiding in plain sight, and how to protect yourself and your company once their despicable behavior is identified.

Jake Hagerman is the author of two previous books about organization psychopathy: Love Your Enemies in Case Your Friends Turn Out to be Bastards: Organizational Case Studies Examining Worksite Politics (2014) and Sharks, Slimeballs and Malcontents: Organizational Survival Guide (2022). In 2022, Jake retired from a fifty-year career as a clinical and industrial-organization psychologist with expertise in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He is a member of the British Psychological Society, Canadian Psychological Association, and a Provincial Psychological Association.


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