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  • Ruthless Predators

    Miscreants in the Workplace and How to Deal with Them by

    You’ve probably met one of these ruthless predators—someone who is charming and slick, confident and keen, manipulative and vindictive. Someone who talks the talk, lies without remorse, and mercilessly works the system, preying on colleagues,...

  • A Corporate Psychopath

    Tactics Used to Destroy Good Workers by

    Is your boss characterized by traits such as self-centeredness, ambition, and an unwavering pursuit of power? These attributes might have played a role in their ascent to a position of authority. Despite appearing caring and empathetic to others,...

  • Feeling like a fish out of water

    Learning to use the Myers and Briggs Personality Profiling System & so much more in your families, churches and businesses by

    David and Diana Ahart have a passion to rescue relationships that are on the brink of failure. Corporations are losing millions of dollars, churches are splitting, single parents are struggling with children who are angry and hurt and husband's...