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A Corporate Psychopath
Tactics Used to Destroy Good Workers
by Teresa A. Deygoo

Is your boss characterized by traits such as self-centeredness, ambition, and an unwavering pursuit of power? These attributes might have played a role in their ascent to a position of authority. Despite appearing caring and empathetic to others, your boss has effectively honed the skill of manipulating those around them. If you can identify with this scenario, it is conceivable that you are working under the influence of a corporate psychopath. A Corporate Psychopath is based on the four and a half years that author Teresa A. Deygoo worked under a corporate psychopath. Written from a theocentric viewpoint, this memoir examines the nature of criminal and corporate psychopaths—their origins and behaviours, and ultimately their impact on those around them. The author offers valuable insights into the motives and behaviours of workplace psychopaths. A Corporate Psychopath is an awakening—for companies, workers, and society. Prior to working with the corporate psychopath, the author did not recognize any indicators of a corporate psychopath until it was too late, but after reading this book, you will.

Teresa A. Deygoo worked at many and varied offices both in Guyana and in Canada. This book is about one of her experiences of meeting and working with a Corporate Psychopath. Inspired by her experiences of bullying and harassment in the workplace, Teresa started writing as a form of catharsis. Teresa’s debut book, A Corporate Psychopath, serves as a platform for her to share personal experiences, aiming to increase awareness and empower readers to identify the indicators of corporate psychopaths. Teresa resides in Ontario, Canada, and endeavors to make a difference through her work.


Teresa A. Deygoo

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