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  • Understanding America’s Greatest Existential Threats

    Homeland Security and Paralysis of the Electrical Grid Systems by

    In this introductory volume, readers will learn about the vital role that the various Critical Infrastructure (CI) sectors play in America, in the context of homeland security. The protection, maintenance, and monitoring of these interdependent CI ...

  • Cyber Blackout

    When the Lights Go Out -- Nation at Risk by

    With over 140 countries fielding nation-state and rouge malious cyber hacking capabilities, it is critical that we are aware of threats and vulnerabilities. Adm. Michael Rogers, director of the National Security Agency warned Congress regarding ...

  • The Interpreter

    A Social Science Perspective on the American Led War in Afghanistan by

    This book presents contemporary and historical facts about Afghanistan and the American led war in that country. The information presented here is based on field observations and analysis, supported by my decades of worldwide professional ...

  • Losing Alicia: A Father's Journey After 9/11


    In Losing Alicia, readers not only witness a father’s struggle over the murder of his young, vibrant and beautiful daughter, but they walk with him through his agonizing grief after one of the most horrific tragedies in history, September 11, ...