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The Interpreter     cover

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    • 978-1-4602-7007-3
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  • Keywords
    • Afghan-American memoir,
    • American occupation of Afghanistan,
    • Critique of American foreign policy,
    • Anti-imperialism,
    • Firsthand experience of Afghan war,
    • Interpretation/ translation in conflict zones,
    • Promoting peace in Afghanistan

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The Interpreter
A Social Science Perspective on the American Led War in Afghanistan
by H. Jon Dada

This book presents contemporary and historical facts about Afghanistan and the American led war in that country. The information presented here is based on field observations and analysis, supported by my decades of worldwide professional experience. While American contribution in education and development of former Afghanistan has been appreciated, the atrocities committed during this war as well the animosities created among Afghans are the major focus of this Interpreter. This war was created by Bush/Cheney, other 1% wealthy Americans, and their Anglo-Zionist comrades in order to destabilize and control Islamic nations and make windfall profits in military contracts. As usual, the vast majority of Americans have been kept in the dark regarding the humongous human and financial costs of this war, and the millions of new enemies created for America.

I grew up on a farm village in far Eastern Afghanistan near the Khyber Pass. The high school and college I attended in Kabul were supported by the USAID Contracts. I also completed my first Master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin under that program. Later, I completed my PhD at the Ohio State University, and a second Masters at the University Of Texas School Of Public Health. My specializations include developmental sociology, research, education, and public health. I have worked for many years in university and contract research, teaching, planning, and student counselling. In addition to the USA and Afghanistan, I have also worked on American and Saudi government contracts in the kingdom. I also have experience from Poland and Germany, and speak several languages.


H. Jon Dada

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