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  • Scarlet to Green

    A History of Intelligence in the Canadian Army 1903-1963 by

    Scarlet to Green details the ‘boom and bust’ cycles of the Canadian Army’s intelligence organization from its inception in 1903 to 1963, the eve of the Integration of the Canadian Armed Forces. The book analyzes the role of intelligence in Canadian ...

  • Military Intelligence Operator

    Overlords, Alchemists & End-Users by

    Determining people’s true motives and character is a process that begins in early childhood and never ceases. The process of converting information into intelligence is no different. Myths and assumptions have to be continuously challenged in order ...

  • Trust and Betrayal

    Tales of Cold War Espionage by

    It is 1957, West Berlin. US Army Captain Eric Vieler is assigned to oversee the identification, vetting, development and deployment of every-day German citizens --- as spies. While the Berlin Wall is not yet a reality, the Cold War tensions between ...