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  • Side by Side: Two Screenplays

    The Zoo and Duet by

    Although they have no characters in common, The Zoo and Duet are two screenplays deeply connected thematically. These compelling narratives, set in the Auschwitz concentration camp (The Zoo) and in East Berlin behind the Berlin Wall (Duet), bring ...

  • A Letter For Adorabella


    When Adorabella states: "If love denied can break a heart, perhaps love received can mend it," she is contemplating the eternal question of life: where does happiness lie? Abandoned by her mother, rejected by her fiancé, fragile, insecure and ...

  • Good Country Canada

    Five Plays by John Ferth by

    The Stage is our world. We play our part in it, within the time allotted to us. When the time is up - down goes the curtain. Fate distributes the parts we play, we have no hand in the choosing. We are lucky sometimes. Olga believes she was ...