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  • Running For Freedom


    As you may have guessed from reading this book, i have deep feelings and strong opinions about human rights violation by those who helped create human rights in the world. everyone has the right to a life that is free of the fear of violence. For a ...

  • The Seed of Creation Forever Blooms


    THE SEED OF CREATION FOREVER BLOOMS features a unique selection of channeled writings; spiritual, poetic, and personal. A must-read for those questioning whether or not there is a higher plane of existence. This collection of inspirational seeds is ...

  • The Borders of Normal

    A Clinical Psychiatrist De-Stigmatizes Paranormal Phenomena by

    DREAMS THAT COME TRUE TELEPATHY, ESP, VISIONS, PREMONITIONS NEAR-DEATH AND OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES Most of us have heard stories of these unusual phenomena, as told by millions of people throughout history and across cultures. Or perhaps we have ...

  • The Meaning Of Life in a Nutshell

    What God Wants You To Know by

    This book presents modern day and future spiritual teachings, in unison with traditional Bible lessons. This information is for all religions, races, atheists, ages, scientists, doctors, politicians, psychics, presidents, all military personnel, ...