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  • The Influence


    What lives in our second attention? Is it all a fabrication of our own mind or are there entities and forces that affect us from unknown realms? The influence is a poetic/visual exploration of things that can not easily be put into words. A book for ...

  • The Twelve Poems Of Knowledge

    The Key To Your Subconscious by

    This is a book of twelve poems. I wanted the reader of the poems to know how to do things by them alone. They are pure refined knowledge in simple words explaining how to Astral Travel, have OBE,s, Lucid Dream, See Energy and much more. I have added ...

  • Hope


    Hope has existed since the beginning of time. Hope is an abundant and limitless natural resource. Hope is free and available to all human beings. Hope has no hidden motivations or agendas. Hope's primary focus is to help the human species ...