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  • Solitary Refinement

    Chromatics, Chords & Scales - Concepts for the Committed Bassoonist by

    A musician’s journey never ends, and the work is often solitary. Fortunately for bassoonists, Solitary Refinement can be a trusted companion throughout their musical career, replete with exercises adaptable by bassoon students who are still ...

  • Performance

    Delivering Your Own Awesome by

    An easy-to-read, non-statistical guide to “Delivering Your Own Awesome” in music, sport and other competitive aspects of life, this book provides an understanding of what performance actually is by outlining four key steps: practice, rehearsal, ...

  • A Practical Guide for Teaching the Saxophone to Beginners


    Teachers and students of the saxophone will become better instructors and players as a result of following A Practical Guide for Teaching the Saxophone to Beginners. A storehouse of valuable information, gleaned from professional study and over ...

  • Saxophone Technique


    Imagine a large watermelon. Inside sit the secrets to saxophone virtuosity. Saxophone Technique whacks open the melon, cuts it into slices, and presents each topic as a digestible and tasty treat. Philosophical and phun, Saxophone Technique delves ...