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Saxophone Technique
by Sarah Anne Wolkowski

Imagine a large watermelon. Inside sit the secrets to saxophone virtuosity. Saxophone Technique whacks open the melon, cuts it into slices, and presents each topic as a digestible and tasty treat. Philosophical and phun, Saxophone Technique delves into the petits détails—the essential minutiae—that allow good saxophonists to become great. Bursting with exercises and pulsating with strategies, Saxophone Technique will help any player derive the most satisfaction and the most enjoyment from the practice process.

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This is supposed to be the part where I list my academic qualifications, the teachers with whom I have studied, career highlights, and any time spent around musical luminaries whose own greatness has left a sheen of stardust on my own thinking.

I am fortunate to have enjoyed the benefits of all of the above and I am thankful.

For me, learning to play the saxophone has been about unlocking the mysteries of the universe. I relish every small gain in my own understanding.

What a joy to be able to share this quest for knowledge with my students. I hope they find, as I have, that a skill can provide true fulfillment of the human heart and mind.

Sarah Anne Wolkowski


Sarah Anne Wolkowski

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