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    • 174 pages
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    • 174 pages
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A Practical Guide for Teaching the Saxophone to Beginners
by Lyle Rebbeck

Teachers and students of the saxophone will become better instructors and players as a result of following A Practical Guide for Teaching the Saxophone to Beginners. A storehouse of valuable information, gleaned from professional study and over thirty years of teaching, this book has been endorsed by one of the world’s foremost teachers and performers of the saxophone, Dr. Frederick L. Hemke. Written with future teachers in mind, this book describes the many facets of the technical side of playing the saxophone, guiding teachers and players of the saxophone to good tone quality and proper technique so that the beautiful capacity of this instrument can be shared with everyone who listens. Intended for students in a university woodwind techniques class, band directors, and saxophonists or musicians from any background who find themselves teaching the saxophone, this guide should also be helpful to anyone who plays the saxophone, at any level or in any style; the points addressed are universal to the instrument. Covering areas such as, proper embouchure formation and how to approach tonguing to achieve various articulations, the book also discusses such topics as reed selection and adjustment, understanding and controlling the innate tuning tendencies and mastering the upper and lower registers. It also covers common problems arising with the mechanism and how to perform repairs, as well as proper routine care and maintenance. The book details dealing with the saxophone in a school band setting, as well as doing remedial work with experienced players and teaching the ever-growing adult student market. A Practical Guide for Teaching the Saxophone to Beginners is comprehensive in addressing all major areas of learning the saxophone. Written by someone with such high music credentials and experience, and appropriate for both saxophone students and teachers, it should be a required reading for any woodwind techniques class in a university music program, and in the library of every student of the saxophone.

"The book is a practical and readable guide comprehensible to both students and teachers. It provides a unique contribution to the field of music education because it is so comprehensive, easy to read, and addressed especially to beginning saxophone students by a talented saxophonist/musician/teacher who has spent his life teaching at this formative and important level of learning. Replete with helpful illustrations, good advice, and excellent pedagogical concepts, this guide should be a positive addition to any young saxophonist’s music backpack and any music teacher’s reading library." - Dr. Frederick L. Hemke --- "In this fascinating and practical book, Lyle Rebbeck approaches the topic of teaching the saxophone to beginners with the experience of many years of distinguished teaching and artistically playing the saxophone. He brings practical suggestions to problems faced by young music educators and players everywhere. The material is presented with concise and easy-to-read language free from jargon. His book is well organized and not without a measure of good humour, and his bibliography appropriately directs the reader to other sources to further explore the topic. This book is a must have for the aspiring music educator!" - William H. Street, Professor and Chair, Department of Music, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta --- "A Practical Guide for Teaching the Saxophone to Beginners is a comprehensive method book well laid out with a curriculum for almost every conceivable problem a teacher will encounter. It does a particularly good job of addressing the common problems faced by beginning students while providing real-world solutions. Inclusion of the often-neglected topic of adult students will be helpful to teachers and conductors working with community and adult bands. Lyle Rebbeck’s book is a pedagogically sound teaching manual for the saxophone that will be extremely helpful to teachers of both young and adult saxophone students. I highly recommend this well-written and thoroughly developed method book!" - James A. Bishop, Director of Instrumental Music, Eastern Florida State College

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Lyle Rebbeck has a Master of Music degree from Northwestern University (where he studied with Dr. Frederick L. Hemke) and a combined Bachelor of Music and Music Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan. He is also a performing saxophonist and a successful music teacher. For over thirty years, Lyle Rebbeck has been teaching the saxophone, primarily to beginners, countless of whom have gone on to obtain their own academic music degrees and professional careers around the world.


Lyle Rebbeck

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