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  • Up To Me

    An Autobiography by

    Here is a spellbinding autobiography by a Canadian author who has gone through a multitude of frank yet honest experiences that would qualify his lifetimes to rival at least half a cat’s allotment of nine. How does one experience at least six ...

  • The Bipolar Doctor


    Despite battling depression in his mid-teens, Rohit Kumar fulfilled his beloved parents’ dream of becoming a doctor in 1990. He was one of Canada’s first hospitalists before setting up a highly successful private practice, and acquired specialized ...

  • This is Dementia

    Disrupting the Decline by

    This is Dementia: Disrupting the Decline seeks to dispel the myths surrounding dementia. It invites you to take a journey to explore the misconceptions, stereotypes, and various perspectives surrounding this devastating disorder. This journey is an ...

  • The Unknown Target of Life Experiences

    Two boats and the unseen waves of life, past and present and beyond the motionless waters yet to wave by

    David Thomson had a challenging childhood. His father abandoned his wife and seven children, leaving them to struggle with the bleak future that the desperation of poverty often brings. Determined to succeed, Thompson pursued a career with the ...

  • Moving on by Standing Still

    A Different View of ‘Problem Behavior’ by

    Is it true that people with developmental disabilities cannot communicate effectively? How can I understand the mindset of a person with dementia? Why is it good that children from difficult backgrounds sometimes hit out? If we do not make a ...

  • Denali's Fortunate Son

    A Bipolar Journey by

    Most professionals believe a Bipolar I diagnosis precludes the stress of a litigation lawyer. Set in the "Golden Heart" of Fairbanks, Alaska, the book is one of faith, hope, adventure and perseverance against the daunting challenges of mental ...

  • Into the Shadows: An Illustrated Memoir of Brain Injury


    Into the Shadows is a story of survival and recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Dr. Krista Breithaupt was enjoying a family vacation when she suffered an aneurism that left her hospitalized for months. This book is an account of brain injury and ...