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Police corruption, Racial discrimination, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and Depression, Law and Crime

The Unknown Target of Life Experiences
Two boats and the unseen waves of life, past and present and beyond the motionless waters yet to wave
by Coro Holdings LLC

David Thomson had a challenging childhood. His father abandoned his wife and seven children, leaving them to struggle with the bleak future that the desperation of poverty often brings. Determined to succeed, Thompson pursued a career with the Philadelphia Police Department where he worked for over 12 years. During that time he earned three official commendations, including a Heroism Award. Eventually it became clear to him that underneath the surface the department was rife with far more corruption than the public was aware of through the media. His opinion that the police should not be investigating themselves, nor should they be deciding on how to prosecute its own members, did not sit well with his superiors. He was terminated when he refused to take a position that would trap him within that false framework.

In The Unknown Target of Life Experiences, Thompson tells how his life spiraled downward into a dismal, hopeless existence following that fateful day when he left the police for good. For seven long years he struggled with health problems, depression, paranoia, and PTSD due to the experiences he encountered there—all due to the actions of his superiors and colleagues, not the crimes and disturbing events he witnessed regularly on the job. Listening to his intuition—the “core stimuli noise” from the brain—enabled him to gradually begin to trust himself and others once again. In this book, Thompson tells how he found his way out of the darkness to rebuild his life.

Underneath the surface the department was rife with far more corruption than the public was aware of...

Author David Thompson grew up in the City of Philadelphia and at 19 joined that city’s police force. The circumstances that ensued left him partially blind, severely depressed, and living in poverty. Thompson was so compelled to write his story that he walked two to four hours each time he needed access to a computer so that he could record his harrowing experiences. He has earned several university degrees and is furthering his studies to become a lawyer. He has learned to follow his instincts and his constitutional right to pursue happiness is a beacon that leads him forward.


Coro Holdings LLC

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