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  • On Breaking One's Pencil

    And Other Vagrant Thoughts: Essays from a Curious Mind by

    The book is divided into six major parts: PLACES, WRITING ADVICE, CHURCH MATTERS, PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ESSAYS, ESSAYS, and ALL IN THE FAMILY. It closes with the traditional -30- that used to tell newspapermen working on stories that the story was ...

  • Gramarye: The Glamour of Grammar


    The essays in Gramarye were born out of the author’s fascination with idiom, syntax, and the parts and particles of speech in English. They draw on instances from poetry, in which language always finds its most characteristic and striking embodiment.

  • Social Studies

    Collected Essays, 1974-2013 by

    Just let me turn down that armadillo steak I'm cooking for dinner; then I'll be right with you. Such an easy recipe. You should try it. You just soak your 'dillo meat in a pint of bourbon in which you've been soaking a cup of cactus needles ...