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  • Drug Guerror

    The error that is the Drug War, and why it must end. by

    Timely and relevant, Drug Guerror addresses the damaging and tragic results of criminalizing people in relation to drugs, better known as the global War On Drugs/Drug Prohibition. The title of the book contains the Spanish word for war, guerra, ...

  • Esprit De Corpse

    I'm gonna be a policeman, just like you dad! by

    Esprit De Corpse is a book that provides a common sense approach to police work. All police officers face day to day challenges throughout their career in law enforcement. During my service I have worked in the trenches in two of Canada’s ...

  • The Unknown Target of Life Experiences

    Two boats and the unseen waves of life, past and present and beyond the motionless waters yet to wave by

    David Thomson had a challenging childhood. His father abandoned his wife and seven children, leaving them to struggle with the bleak future that the desperation of poverty often brings. Determined to succeed, Thompson pursued a career with the ...

  • If the War on Drugs is Over ...Now What ?

    Security Without Easy Answers by

    It’s Time to Declare War on the War on Crime In 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy deemed the War on Drugs a failure. Initiated under Richard Nixon in 1971, the War on Drugs’ emphasis on harsh law enforcement and strong-arm police tactics ...