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  • Language and State

    An Inquiry into the Progress of Civilization, Second Edition by

    This book argues that while humans communicate using language, they create and use media. Media extend the distance of communication. Humans form themselves into a large community. This happens in a long historical process in which the state of the ...

  • Language and State

    A Theory of the Progress of Civilization by

    Language and State: A Theory of the Progress of Civilization, Second Edition, argues that the state takes form because of language. It argues that since humans began to use language, they have been able to create and use media. Media include ...

  • Tales From the Word Guy

    What Your English Teacher Never Taught You by

    Tales from the Word Guy is a collection of essays adapted from the author’s segments on CBC Radio One’s North by Northwest. Jonathan Berkowitz takes the reader on a delightful journey through the history, idiosyncrasies, and sheer pleasures of the ...

  • With The Dragon's Children


    David Garms’s With the Dragon’s Children is the first-hand account of interactions with Vietcong who responded to the South Vietnamese government’s amnesty program. The narrative, packed with information about Vietnamese attitudes, aspirations, and ...

  • May I Have a Word With You?

    The Surprising Origins of Everyday Words of Religion and Spirituality by

    Words are the foundation of all communication―the foundation upon which we build our understanding of the world around us … of nature, philosophy, faith, and of ourselves. But where do those words come from? Using humor and insight paired with ...

  • Sports Talk

    How It Has Penetrated Our Everyday Language by

    It’s game on in uncovering the many sports-inspired terms, expressions, sayings and images that populate our everyday language! That’s the challenge that this book takes on, using a playbook for each sport. It kicks off with an opening run through ...

  • Linguistic Archaeology


    Edo Nyland shares with us his research on the evolution of European and other languages and his conclusions offer fresh perspectives to challenge traditional views entertained by the linguistic establishment. Nyland’s research was inspired by a ...