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  • Ayesha It's Not A Dump!


    Uh oh: Ayesha’s dad isn’t happy about her school trip to a waste management facility. As her dad says, “It’s a dump!” But Ayesha isn’t convinced that a waste management facility is a “dump.” In fact, she’s eager to learn all she can! Join Ayesha ...

  • The Gassy Lass


    Snuff is a lonely Scottish skunk living in a stump. Under the pretense of friendship, the Gassy Lass visits Snuff and tricks him into leasing his land for oil. With his home ruined, Snuff shows the Lass how to be compassionate towards the ...

  • Who?

    Who Can Help the Warming Arctic? by

    Ukpik the snowy owl has a problem: her northern home is melting away, and she has nowhere to go. As she flies across the Arctic in search of help, Ukpik meets many animal friends with similar problems. Ukpik realizes that she must warn the world ...

  • The Starbugz save the Earth


    Hello out there! From deepest outer space they come! Who knows where the Starbugz are from? Their spaceship zooms straight for our planet. They'll be surprised at what's found on it! The Earth's not what it used to be, Garbage as far as the eye ...

  • Sydney the Brave Shark


    This is the story of Sydney, a Great White Shark who is born with an abnormality. One tooth grows outside his mouth instead of inside. He is very unhappy because he is teased at school. One day, a new shark comes to the class. Her name is Molly ...

  • Tomatoes and Potatoes


    Peter is a farmer who grows tomatoes. Paul is a farmer who grows potatoes. Peter and Paul work hard and trade with their neighbours for what they need. Life is good. When Jethro comes, he asks them to grow more and more tomatoes and potatoes. ...