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  • A Tale of Two Planets


    Retha is a planet without much magic. The Wooshidooz creatures must work hard to live there—clearing away plastic leaves, making pollen, collecting and moving water, and more. Living on Planet Retha is a lot of work—but the Wooshidooz love their ...

  • Eeko's Splash Landing


    A school project building a spacecraft on planet Zeebot goes wrong and lands Eeko, a friendly alien in Xavier's swimming pool with a broken down spaceship. Will Xavier be able to help Eeko repair his spaceship so he can return home?

  • Lewy & The Visitors from Planet Acceptance

    A Lewy Kablooey & Sneezy Cheezy Adventure by

    Lewy and the Visitors from Planet Acceptance takes us on another adventure with Lewy Kablooey, an imaginative young inventor, and his cosmic feline friend, Sneezy Cheezy. Lewy and a fellow inventor, Miss Cindy, are concerned for their friends, ...

  • Wander Through Time


    This book is about friendship, challenges, the environment and history. Can friends be brave enough and overcome obstacles that come their way? Are they able to stand up to their fears and use their knowledge or will they let this fear take over? ...

  • The Adventures of Steven and Rex

    Blast Off! by

    Away we go! It’s just another Sunday for young Steven. As he tries to avoid doing any chores around the house, he looks for an escape from it all. Steven and his dog Rex manage to get themselves far away from home— too far away. Going into unknown ...

  • Ice

    A teen spacer battles isolation and pirates by

    Ice. When melted into water, all life depends on it. Everyone needs this highly valued compound, and some are willing to do anything to get it. Sixteen-year-old Mark Olson is an engineering apprentice on his family’s Rover ship, Start Over. ...

  • Les aventures de Coralie la coccinelle

    Le voyage dans l'espace by

    Trois… Deux… Un… Décollage ! On part en espace ! Coralie est une petite coccinelle avec une grande imagination. Surtout, elle adore partir à l’aventure ! Pour son premier grand voyage, Coralie nous invite à visiter le système solaire. Elle nous ...

  • The Legends Of Moss Ridge


    Something strange is happening in Westfield County. People are disappearing, freak electrical surges are causing destruction, and a woman appears at the Halloween concert and swears vengeance on the town. When their teacher vanishes, leaving behind ...

  • Mech

    Heart & Soul by

    The people of Cambria are under threat of attack from evil aliens called the Marans. Orin, the genius son of a geeky professor, and his best friend Gigahertz, the most powerful of the planet’s Mechs, will be among those tasked with defending them. ...

  • The Frog Chronicles

    A Treehouse Adventure by

    A red-eyed frog from Mike’s nightmares torments him from outside his window. He’s not sure if it’s real or if the stress of his dad’s disappearance is messing with his head. With his best friends Pete and Jane, Mike traps and examines the frog (that ...