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  • Clyde the Monster

    And the Kid Under the Bed by

    A kid under Clyde’s bed! Oh, no! Could it be true? What is a brave little monster to do? Clyde the monster can not fall asleep. When his momma asks why, Clyde finally reveals the fear he did not want to spread: A beastly kid is under his bed! He ...

  • Kevin and the Monster


    “Ahhhh ! Bleh bleh!” What a sound to wake up to! But that’s what happens to Kevin every single night. There’s a playful monster scaring him, hiding, then doing it all again! Poor Kevin tries everything to get that monster to leave him alone. All he ...

  • Mr. Glow


    Lily a garden moth finds herself on the wrong side of the fence in this imaginative story about helping others and being brave. Follow Lily and her friends as they work together to defeat the mysterious bug light, Mr. Glow.

  • Adventures of Chris & Raymond

    The Zombie Sleepover by

    Chris and Raymond are two 11 year old children that live next door to each other in the Pacific West Coast and are best friends. Their wonderful imaginations take them on a journey of self discovery as they go through a series of adventures ...

  • Mommy Protect Me


    Bedtime stories are a treasured bonding time between parents and their children, but for Little Boy and Blue, when story time ends, the nightmares begin. Seeking his mother’s protection, Little Boy learns how to overcome his fears by using the ...

  • The Ram's Tale


    “On a blue starry night, in the valleys of England, there lived a cruel giant and his one-eyed ram.” So begins the story of Jonny, a young shepherd boy who must take care of his sheep and protect them from the giant. The king has offered a reward of ...

  • Herobrine is Watching

    The New Adventures of Adam and Marky Episode I by

    When best friends Adam and Marky decide to explore a spooky abandoned building on their way home from school one day, they soon discover it’s more than just a crumbling old factory. Inside, a terrifying monster, Herobrine, is building an army of ...

  • Arabelle the Queen of Pirates

    Arabelle and Kraken by

    Arabelle, Bluebeard’s daughter, is the new pirate captain of her father’s ship. She takes command of the crew and sets sail to claim treasures from the sea. All Bluebeard asks is that she visit the black-magic woman of Caraibes and bring back her ...

  • One Hundred Thousand Some-Things


    Some-Things are all around us—hiding in our walls, beds, and underwear drawers, waiting to come out and throw a huge party! When Sebastian comes home to find his bedroom full of some One Hundred Thousand Some-Things, he demands they leave—but these ...

  • Smiley

    or How Little Boys Get Turned into Frogs by

    It’s not nice to be naughty! Sometimes you can’t take back the naughty things that you do. Smiley plays jokes on everyone in his family and in his neighborhood, and he is going to learn the hard way, that there are consequences for his ...