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  • What Will Jack Bring?

    Making Moments With Grandma Ellen by

    Jack is very excited to begin his special weekly visits with his Gram now that his older brother, Henry, is in school. Often, visits with Gram include taking a trip to visit Gram's mom, Grandma Ellen. But Grandma Ellen has dementia, so she is ...

  • When I Am Quiet


    For a moment... Wherever you are, just breathe... With each slow breath, allow yourself to settle, to relax, to just be who you are in this moment. Find the quietness, the calm that is here, underneath it all. You can even let your eyes gently ...

  • Gator on My Back


    One day an alligator climbs up onto a boy's back and changes his world completely. This new friend makes the boy feel sad and believe bad things about himself. A fox appears and asks the boy to talk about the feelings that are making him look so ...

  • Rainbow Bean


    A cast of characters inspired by a bowl of seven bean soup takes readers on Rainbow Bean’s fairy tale journey from a difficult childhood along a path of many emotions to a final scene of triumphant empowerment. The whimsically painted illustrations ...

  • Hot Toddy


    Hot Toddy takes place around the stunning mellow beaches of Santa Barbara, California. Maria Suarez, sixteen, loves her single, successful lawyer mother and yet, like so many teenagers, has already fallen into the trap of anorexia-bulimia while ...

  • When Pigs Fly


    As a gun is pointed in her direction, Maddie falls on the subway tracks — with the train in the tunnel only minutes away. Her spiky heel is caught. While she desperately tries to pull it free, her friends look down from the platform, frozen in ...