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  • Il y a un Monstre chez moi

    Un livre sur les droit de l'homme des enfants by

    Enfants, nous croyions tous aux monstres, mais en grandissant, nous nous disons qu'ils n’étaient pasréels et n’existaient que dans notre imagination. En fait,il existe de vrais monstresautour de nous. Ils se déguisent en personnes ordinaires, ils ...

  • There's a Monster in My House

    A book about children's human rights by

    As children, we all believe in monsters, but when we grow up, we tell ourselves they were never real, and that we only imagined them. But there are true monsters in the world. Disguising themselves as ordinary people, they take out their anger and ...

  • Alfred's Special Place

    Finding Sanctuary Now and Forever by

    Alfred’s Special Place is about a donkey who wants so badly to belong and be helpful at the farm where he lives. But because people have not taken care of Alfred, his hooves are sore. Poor Alfred cannot walk much less chase the coyotes away from the ...