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  • Farmer Gail

    and The Hen House Mystery by

    Introduce your child to their first “Who done it” mystery. Read it to your littles, or have your own young reader learn how farm life and conservation work together to solve the mystery!

  • Bob, The Apple


    Bob the apple is afraid of the changes that are coming with the autumn season. Watching his brothers and sisters fall from the tree is scary, but with the help of his wise father, his spunky friend, Robin and Mother Nature, he is able to see the ...

  • Farmer Arnold's Barnyard

    Book Three by

    Life on a farm is full of adventure! Come join Farmer Arnold and his mischievous animals as his poor geese, John and Alice, get snowed in and have to be rescued, a cheeky squirrel comes up with a clever way to avoid being photographed, and Polly the ...

  • Coyotes in the Coulee


    Flowers, ladybugs, owls and coyotes... our earth is filled with amazing sights and sounds, the most delightful being the laughter of children at play. This book celebrates the 'perfectly ordinary' things in a child's perfect day. Young readers are ...

  • The Red Ribbon Woods


    The Red Ribbon Woods is a timeless holiday tale about the depths of love and connection between family, acreage, and the natural world. This charming narrative flows across the generations of lives lived at Milkweed Lane, the strength of familial ...

  • Jimmy's Mudslide


    At the start of summer vacation, Jimmy, a young energetic boy, is stuck inside his house because of relentless rain. Jimmy is anxious to get outside to play with his friends, collect minnows in the stream in his back yard, and spend his summer ...

  • I'm Not in the Mooood


    It is the cow’s first day at the new farm. She is sad because she misses her old friends. The animals at the farm want to welcome her, but she is just not in the mood to do anything. The animals are puzzled. What can they do to cheer her up? Read ...

  • Stuck


    When Stephanie gets stuck in a giant mud puddle wearing her favourite purple gumboots, her entire family rushes straight in to the puddle to rescue her, even Grampa in his old, yellow bulldozer. Will the fancy, high tech trucks and tractors get ...

  • The Not-So-Scary Scarecrow


    Jack, the Scarecrow, believes he has to be scary because he's a scarecrow. Until one day he realizes that just because he is a scarecrow doesn't mean he has to act like one. Read about Jack as he makes a few unlikely friendships and realizes that ...

  • Good Morning, Mr. Charlie


    It’s the first day of school! Pick up your backpack, grab your lunch, and run outside. Before the excitement of class, what do you find? It’s the bus, and the smiling bus driver! It’s Ayesha’s first day of school, and she’s nervous: because she ...