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  • The Not-So-Scary Scarecrow


    Jack, the Scarecrow, believes he has to be scary because he's a scarecrow. Until one day he realizes that just because he is a scarecrow doesn't mean he has to act like one. Read about Jack as he makes a few unlikely friendships and realizes that ...

  • A Prairie Girl and a Gopher

    Prairie Kids' Adventures by

    How did Katelyn, a prairie girl, and Gus, a "gopher", become friends? Throughout the pages of this beautifully illustrated story, see a glimpse into the life of a Canadian prairie child. Learn about the Richardson Ground Squirrel. Search and find, ...

  • Blueberries and Bears


    It’s a hot summer day in July, and while kids are playing on the docks and adults lounging by the shore, two boys set off on an adventure of their own: to hunt down blueberries! In their paddleboat, the boys are unstoppable, and their song rings ...

  • Home In Stead


    Annie loves her hometown on the prairie. She has beautiful things, dear friends, and plenty to do. But her father’s dream comes true when he secures their family their own homestead in the wilderness of British Columbia, and Annie must leave her ...

  • Patch Work


    Farmer Pete’s farm was known for growing many delicious vegetables, but his pumpkin patch was the most famous pumpkin patch in the entire county! Farmer Pete grew the biggest, roundest, most orange pumpkins in town, and everyone waited all year to ...

  • Timmy and the Wild Wood


    Timmy is a little green frog who lives in a hollow in a pond with his mamma, poppa, and sister, Trina. The pond is a peaceful place where dragonflies fly and robins sing, and the Hops family lives there happily. One day, a strange noise wakes Timmy ...

  • Farmer Gail

    and The Hen House Mystery by

    Introduce your child to their first “Who done it” mystery. Read it to your littles, or have your own young reader learn how farm life and conservation work together to solve the mystery!

  • Bob, The Apple


    Bob the apple is afraid of the changes that are coming with the autumn season. Watching his brothers and sisters fall from the tree is scary, but with the help of his wise father, his spunky friend, Robin and Mother Nature, he is able to see the ...

  • Farmer Arnold's Barnyard

    Book Three by

    Life on a farm is full of adventure! Come join Farmer Arnold and his mischievous animals as his poor geese, John and Alice, get snowed in and have to be rescued, a cheeky squirrel comes up with a clever way to avoid being photographed, and Polly the ...

  • Coyotes in the Coulee


    Flowers, ladybugs, owls and coyotes... our earth is filled with amazing sights and sounds, the most delightful being the laughter of children at play. This book celebrates the 'perfectly ordinary' things in a child's perfect day. Young readers are ...