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  • The Queen of Tulips


    Writing this book was part of my spiritual development. I asked myself this question many times: What are my talents? And after a long time searching, I received the idea about writing different stories. The stories came to me every morning at 2:00 ...

  • Peter the Little Irish Seal


    This is a story about the special relationship between a mother and her child. Peter and his mother are very special seals called Selkies. According to Celtic folklore, a Selkie can shed its skin and become human. Before this is possible, Mama Kim ...

  • Shadows

    The beginning by

    In Pennsylvania, where things were ordinary and plain, Ariana Arte lived a good life. She was popular, beautiful, but didn't have a boyfriend. That all changed once she met Riku, a handsome and odd male, who hid under a hood at all times. What will ...

  • The Message From Dragon Land

    The starting of the adventure by

    Once in our lifetime we get asked to go on an exciting journey where we enter a mysterious land with courage, confidence, and the honour of family. This is the story of encouragement and power that will leave you wanting more. "The Message From ...