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Dragon book, silver bracelet, Amber, Ward, sorceress, Dark One, family

The Message From Dragon Land
The starting of the adventure
by QW.Qu.Lancaster

Once in our lifetime we get asked to go on an exciting journey where we enter a mysterious land with courage, confidence, and the honour of family. This is the story of encouragement and power that will leave you wanting more. "The Message From Dragon Land–The starting of the adventure" will lead you on a magical journey into another incredible world. Along with the characters in the book, you will experience prodigious creatures and travelling. Let's go!

For many years, QW.Qu.Lancaster has been researching her interests in history, myth, and cultural subjects in middle age Eurasia. In addition, QW.Qu.Lancaster is also interested in medieval herbs used in England and Ireland, as well as Chinese herb medicine treatment. QW.Qu.Lancaster is from a family who practised herb medication and this influenced her to take interest as well. Stemming from her quick learning at a young age, QW.Qu.Lancaster began researching herb treatment along with the accompanying historical and cultural meaning behind it. In the early years, QW.Qu.Lancaster accepted transitional Eastern education, and finished her professional degree in Radio and TV related business. In the later academic years, QW.Qu.Lancaster studied in Canada and U.S, and finished her second degree in Theatre. She later accepted professional drama training at Yale University.


Lyle Lancaster
Kris Moffatt

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