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  • A Surprise for Puff the Cat


    All day long Puff the Cat has fun jumping on his family’s feet, but something very strange keeps happening, until all of a sudden … Puff gets an even bigger surprise! Delivered in fresh, funny, alliterative prose A Surprise for Puff the Cat is a ...

  • Jacob’s Journey

    The Boy Born Early by

    When Jacob opens his eyes for the first time, people in the hospital look worried. He came a little earlier than expected. Jacob’s need to fight to stay alive makes his mom sad and keeps his doctors busy. The hospital is cold and noisy, but the love ...

  • Come On We Goes

    Around the What? and The Great Foggy Day by

    Around the What? and The Great Foggy Day are the first two of Karen Silver's stories set in and revolving around Newfoundland and Labrador's culture, history, weather, language, and geography. This set of stories and those that will follow aim to ...

  • Little Drip Takes Another Trip


    Little Drip was written as a 4th Grade assignment. Little Drip depicts a love for travel, yet always in the end, coming back to the comfort and safety of home. This book is for all the little adventurers in all of us.