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  • Max's Best Day Ever!


    A young rat is having the best day ever on the crowded streets of Bethlehem, stuffing himself with food that has been accidentally dropped. But Max's day gets even better as a surprise awaits him in the barn where he rests. A shepherd boy gives Max ...

  • Ruby the Hummingbird


    This is a children's book of a hummingbird's adventure in surviving the winter migration through the help of a friend. It is suited to Christmas reading as Santa Claus makes an appearance at the end of the story. It is written in seventeen short ...

  • Bacon goes Boo


    Bacon goes BOO is an imaginative story about one little pig's love of Halloween and his outrageous search for his MOST favorite costume - the one that goes BOO.

  • Malo's Amazing Adventures!

    Discovering Kwanzaa and Beyond with Friends by

    Discovering Kwanzaa and Beyond with Friends is the 2nd book in the Malo’s Amazing Adventures! series. It is dedicated to Malo’s 4th Grade Class of 2012 at Wicklund Elementary School and to Kylie Johnson and the students of Woodside Parents Nursery ...

  • Santa is a Superhero


    Psst! Hey you! Did you know that Santa is a superhero? I know what you’re thinking, “How can that be? He doesn’t have superpowers.” Or does he? If you take a peek inside this superbook you’ll see all the things that Santa has in common with other ...

  • Who is the Real Santa?


    An honest answer to the question, Who is Santa? A fairy tale for your kids on how the tradition began and what the "Spirit of Christmas" is all about. When you give, you get! A tale of how one man's act of kindness was rewarded and how that gift was ...

  • The Little Spruce Tree


    Dapper is a little spruce tree protected by his parents deep in the forest. He witnesses his cousin pines being selected as Christmas Trees and is driven to be one too. Nature surrounds him and he appreciates the beauty of his surroundings. But ...

  • StonePenny II

    Winter Moon by

    The winter holiday season has arrived! It is a busy time for Mack, Jen, and Tray yet they arrange a time to celebrate Mack's eleventh birthday with another space-time exploration. The StonePenny whisks the travelers off to an unexpected place ...

  • A Gift for the Giver

    The Power of Christmas by

    Hard-working Elf and that silly troublemaker Reindeer are helping Santa pack gifts in the workshop. They know Santa works hard every year to deliver presents to children around the world at Christmas. But this year, Santa doesn’t seem as happy as ...

  • Kikitu Saves Christmas


    It was a normal December day for eleven-year-old Yuka, who was out for a ride with her sled dogs. That is, until something red, white, and black fell out of the sky. Much to her surprise, that something turned out to be someone – Santa Claus! ...