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  • She Is


    She Is is a powerful poetic homage to the special place a daughter keeps in a mother’s heart. Join a daughter and her mother in this heartfelt story of a girl’s life, as seen through her mother’s eyes.

  • Silly Seraphina

    Always Asking Why? by

    It’s Monday and time to get ready for school. But wait! Seraphina just woke up. There are so many things to do before she can be ready. She needs to eat her breakfast. She needs to get dressed. She needs to brush her teeth and wash her face. And she ...

  • Tippi Tie Toe - The Adventures of Bits N Boots

    The Adventures of Bits N Boots by

    Tippi Tie Toe is the story of an unbreakable friendship between a girl and her horse that spans decades. When a child receives an animal, it is the commitment to each other that bonds them. Although life's circumstances will change, a creature that ...

  • Sometimes it's Hard to be Me

    A Child's Struggle with Change by

    Today is going to be a lopsided day… Do you wear special pajamas on weekends? Does your breakfast food start with the same letter as the day of the week? Does it bother you to look at crooked pictures, work with someone unfamiliar, learn in a new ...

  • Kikitu and the Secrets of Waruk's Lair


    Eleven-year-old Yuka and her loyal lead sled dog Kikitu are always up for a challenge! But challenges don’t seem to stop coming when they set out on a journey to enter one of the biggest sled dog races of the North. Even before they reach the race, ...

  • Sprinkles


    Sky, a young baker extraordinaire, is selling her famous cupcakes to raise money for the local animal shelter where she found her beloved dog, Cocoa. Everyone is crazy about Sky’s cupcakes. Everyone, that is, except Mr. Conway. Can Sky and Cocoa ...

  • Dryers and Clams


    Coral is a young mermaid who lives off the coast of South Africa. Her biggest wish is to be a hairstylist, but when she starts hairdressing school, it isn’t easy at first. Told within the colourful, underwater backdrop of Coral’s home, Dryers and ...

  • The Magic Within


    Anna Wick isn't your average 12 year old girl. Maybe that's because of her capabilities that seem almost magical or maybe it's because of her strength after the accidental fire that left her orphaned. Maybe it's the unbelievable size of her big ...

  • The Mentson Girls


    The Mentson Girls is a classic suspense novel for ages 7-12 years of age (but anyone of any age will enjoy it). Set in contemporary 21st century times, the story focuses on four (4) sisters, ages 7-13 years old, with super powers that nobody else ...

  • Silly Sally Sue

    The Beginning by

    Silly Sally Sue was created for my son Brandon when he was only three and over time when my daughter was born Sally become an every day story. I had fun creating her and her friends. Sally's silly ways and her and her friends adventures. In the ...