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  • A New Song


    Once a upon a time, there was a little boy named Ben. Ben lived with his father, and Ben loved to sing. But one day, a terrible thing happened–Ben’s father died. Ben was so sad that he stopped singing. How did he learn to sing again? A New Song ...

  • Fairwynd


    A tale of good winning over evil. It tells how much the Father God loves His children and the sacrifice He makes for them. It will make you laugh in places and cry in others. It is a delightful read. If you liked the Lion, the Witch, and the ...

  • Pickle Juice


    David lives in a small town with his mother whom he loves deeply, they only have each other. David has big dreams for his future, he doesn't have any idea his life is about to change and not for the good. He soon finds himself in a nightmare with ...

  • My Family, My Home

    Book Two by

    Life will never be the same for 11-year-old Josh. Josh has always lived in an orphanage, but now a family is adopting him. Foxy and Rotten are excited to be opening their home to this new and much-wanted boy, and to deepen the bonds of their family ...

  • The Beautiful House on the Hill


    The Beautiful House on the Hill tells the story of a lovely and mysterious house. After hearing many rumours about this house in a far away land, a traveller decides to go on the adventure of a lifetime to discover for herself if the rumours are ...