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  • I Want More


    'I want More' is a book written for children one to six years old, featuring a boy called Romeo. It is all about his passion - love for cars. Romeo can not get enough cars. He wants every colour and no matter how many he has, he will still say, "I ...

  • Peli

    A Counting Book by

    PELI is a counting book that, takes place on Pelican Lake, a small Manitoba prairie lake. It is told from the perspective of Peli the pelican. She arrives in the spring and observes life on the lake throughout the summer. In autumn, she joins her ...

  • Orez Invents a new Number


    Of all the infinite numbers,there is one number very often ignored and misunderstood. This number is given full attention in a whimsical story how it came to be and gained the attention of many many people.

  • Papa’s Beach


    Join Macey as she goes to go visit her Papa’s beach near Powell River on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast where she gets to indulge her love for counting. There is much to count, as Macey starts the day at the breakfast table before heading off on ...

  • Come Count With Happy Campers!


    This cheerful rhyming children’s book tells the story of a cute family, who gather together with other campers at a local campground to enjoy a fun-filled day by the shore. A very engaging and thought-provoking tale that starts sometime around late ...

  • Breakfast at Grandma's


    Little Brother’s oatmeal is too hot! He and his Grandma put his bowl of oatmeal outside to cool. Grandma thinks her grandson is simply using his imagination when several critters come by to sample his cereal. Will Grandma’s solutions salvage his ...

  • The Dozen Dozens


    Once upon a time there was a man named Mr. Dozen. Mr. Dozen’s first name was Odd. Odd is an odd name, but Odd was his name. Odd Dozen had a wife. Mrs. Dozen’s first name was Even. Even is a different kind of name, but Even was her name....

  • I Can Count. So Can You. We are Silly EggarOOs.


    I can count, So can you. We are silly EggarOOs! I can count, So can you. We are silly Eggaroos is a counting based picture book, aimed at early and emerging readers. The Eggaroo family of eggs introduce the young reader to numbers from 1 to 10 in ...

  • ABC, ABC What Do You See?


    A, B, and C are searching for their friends, the other letters of the alphabet. D, E, and F are having a tea party. G, H, and I are climbing a tree. How will the letters find each other? What will they see? Where will they end up? Join the letters ...

  • 2 + 2: 4 Flamingos at the Zoo


    The addition doubles are a building block for learning the addition facts. Learning these addition doubles is one of the important skills that children develop as they learn about mathematics. To support them with this skill, this book uses rhymes ...