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  • Paperback Edition
    • 978-1-03-917125-1
    • 8.0 x 10.0 inches
    • Premium Color interior
    • 48 pages
  • Hardcover Edition
    • 978-1-03-917126-8
    • 8.0 x 10.0 inches
    • Standard Color interior
    • 48 pages
  • Keywords
    • chapter book,
    • children’s chapter book,
    • science chapter book,
    • coming of age,
    • biology chapter book,
    • human body,
    • microorganisms

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Tiny Life
by Ralph Lake

Did you know there are millions and billions and trillions of tiny creatures living on you and in you—right now? Rafe is about to find out. A sensitive boy, Rafe struggles to find his place in his family. His loud and fiery dad, his genius little brother, and his sweet-tempered mom all seem to expect a lot from him. But who does Rafe want to be? Enter the Spinthariscope, a fascinating toy and by far the most compelling part of the chemistry set Rafe receives for Christmas. Rafe quickly becomes obsessed with gazing into the gizmo, waiting to catch sight of the little flashes of lightning it creates. Until one day, a very big flash transports him into a tiny world, invisible to the naked eye, filled with miniscule creatures who work to keep him healthy and strong. From Mludsorps to Rops, Blugabits to Blufnoots, Rafe quickly learns the names these helpful little creatures have for themselves. He enjoys escaping the turmoil of his own world to spend time with the tiny ones. But when Rafe falls ill with a high fever, he learns that the tiny world is not all fun and games. Fanciful, witty, and full of wonder at worlds unseen, Tiny Life is a coming-of-age story about the power of turning inward to discover who you are.

"Moving toward a boy’s gradual exit from childhood and its preoccupations, the whimsical novel Tiny Life covers a gentle boyhood pastime from which wisdom was derived." - Forward Clarion Reviews

Ralph Lake photo

Ralph Lake has always been fascinated by strange and unusual landscapes and spent his boyhood climbing trees and exploring ravines. He also loved to read, to write his own stories, and to play with his very own Spinthariscope. He remains curious about the tiny life all around us. Ralph is a retired Chinese instructor who taught at Douglas College for twenty-five years. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy and English Literature and an M.A. in East Asian Studies, both from the University of Toronto. He lives in North Vancouver with his wife, Siew Lake. Tiny Life is his seventh book. Find the author on his website


Ralph Lake

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