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  • Calamities and Cuddles


    My story is about a little girl - an only child - that grew up in the 1940’s as part of a loving family on her parents’ farm located in rural, eastern Ontario. This little girl used her creativity and imagination to make a world of wonderment for ...

  • Ghost of City Country City


    Elmer grew up in the big city of Memphis, Tennessee. But every summer, his life transformed from that of a big city kid to a sweet country boy. At his uncle’s farm his friends were the animals: Shane the pony, Deputy Dog (a bowlegged rooster who ...

  • Cherries-Just Right!


    Cherries came only once a year on the prairie orchard where Abi and her 3 older brothers lived. It was a family effort to prepare for their juicy, sweet arrival. Cherry pie, dried cherries, and cherry smoothies were some of their favourite treats, ...

  • Little Synagogue on the Prairie

    The Building that Went for a Ride... Three Times! by

    You may never have heard of a building being lifted off its foundations and moved, not once, but three times! This is the story of the Little Synagogue, the Montefiori Institute, which was originally built in 1916. It became a gathering place for ...

  • How Did Grandpa Get His Food?

    from beans to butter to bacon by

    The first author lived in the country without electricity on a small farm near a river and lakes. This book describes how his family grew, raised, shot, and caught their food, and how billions of people today use the same methods to get their food. ...

  • We Are Kids Too

    The Adventures of Danny and Emily by

    DANNY AND EMILY ARE KIDS. But not human kids. They are horses! Come join Danny and Emily, the Clydesdale kids, on their real life adventures! Meet their friends. See them play Clydesdale catch and hide and seek! Explore their world with them. It's a ...