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Clydesdales, Kids, Scotland, Farm Animals, Draft Horses, Horse Training, Siblings

We Are Kids Too
The Adventures of Danny and Emily
by Karen Blessington

DANNY AND EMILY ARE KIDS. But not human kids. They are horses! Come join Danny and Emily, the Clydesdale kids, on their real life adventures! Meet their friends. See them play Clydesdale catch and hide and seek! Explore their world with them. It's a lot like yours, because they are kids too!

Karen Blessington photo

Karen Blessington, along with her partner and photographer, Dave Garman, decided to leave the city life in Los Angeles, California to seek 'the simple life' in the Highlands of Scotland. On March 16, 2013 their lives changed forever with the arrival of Danny and Emily, two baby Clydesdale horses. Karen had wanted to have a horse since childhood so they were truly a dream come true. "The Babies" are a gift that Karen would like to share within the pages of this book with children of all ages everywhere. Dave Garman is a lifelong photographer and is constantly inspired by his surroundings. Admittedly, his biggest (literally!) inspiration comes from Danny and Emily, the two gentle giants.


Karen Blessington
David Garman

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