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    This slimy scenario started in our yard during the summer months. As we told the story over and over throughout the years it became such a family favorite. A great laugh for all of us. It well deserves to be preserved and shared as a family memoir ...

  • Slime Queen

    Journey of a Nine Year Old Entrepreneur by

    "To my young readers: Remember, you are never too young to have dreams and aspire to reach your goals. Being yourself is the best thing because you are unique and you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to." Love, Alayna Ffrench. Alayna ...

  • The Little Boy From Jamaica

    A Canadian History Story by

    To the young child holding this book in your hand. Do you believe someone just like you could become a history maker? I believe you can. Read this story and discover how Devon, a little boy from Jamaica, became a Canadian history maker. You will ...

  • Freda's Little Red Huset


    Join Freda as she takes you on a fearless journey of history and discovery growing up in Sweden, in the tiny town of Jamjo. She lived with her family in the Little Red Huset with big wooden doors. Life was tough and demanding. Her family had to ...

  • Echoes from the Farm


    In the early 1970s, when author Dr. Jonathan T. Jefferson (a.k.a. “John-John”) was a young child, his parents did something unprecedented for a working class African American family from Queens: They bought an old, dilapidated farmhouse in Upstate ...

  • Another Year On The Family Farm

    With More Life Lessons Learned by

    It’s 1970, mere months after the first man walked on the moon. The Vietnam War is raging on, drawing thousands of young American men into compulsory military service. Campus riots become commonplace, while Bridge Over Troubled Water tops the music ...

  • The Sunflower's Gift

    A story for children and adults inspired by Diana, Princess of Wales by

    In a magnificent garden overlooking the ocean there grew a beautiful Sunflower. This was no ordinary Sunflower; her petals were as bright as the rays of the sun; her seeds were magical, full of light and love. People travelled from far and wide to ...

  • Mohawks on the Nile

    Journey of the Warrior Spirit by

    The inclusion of Mohawks and the Nile River in the same sentence seems a bit incongruous. American Indians in general and Mohawks in particular have remained relatively anonymous throughout contemporary American society. Joe Jacobs, whose mother was ...

  • A Wind of Memories


    This is a story about some exciting happenings in Aukje's childhood. They are memories that seemed to have guided her in her learning and questioning of life events as they happened year by year in the growing up time on her family farm. Aukje ...