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    • airplane history,
    • Amelia Earhart,
    • bird aerodynamics,
    • STEM picture-book,
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How’d They Do That?
Grandparents Answer Questions about the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart
by Joseph Howard Cooper

Well before AI was “born”, before Graphing Calculators were available to solve algebraic, geometric and trigonometric problems, the Wright Brothers designed an airplane that actually took flight. Before there was GPS, before there were navigation and weather satellites, and before the first turbo-jet aircraft, Amelia Earhart bravely flew across oceans and against bias. The courage and dedication of those three aviators are spoken of here, in grandparent-grandchild conversations. “Wilbur and Orville had endured periods of ridicule and abuse such as seldom been known in the history of scientific investigations. Through straightforwardness, intelligence, and tenacity, the Wright brothers achieved one of the most beautiful inventions of the human genius.” at an awards ceremony November 1908 Amelia Earhart had flown over the Atlantic Ocean, alone. She had been in the air almost 16 hours. As she climbed down from her plane, a farmer approached and asked where she’d come from. She replied, “America.” She then asked, “Where exactly am I?” The surprised farmer replied, as if it was obvious, “Gallagher’s pasture!” as reported in several newspapers published in Ireland, May 1932

"An informative and engaging survey of aviation pioneers, perfect for kids, adult caregivers, and STEM educators. . . Detailed endnotes, including Earhart’s flight maps, links to online databases, and key primary source excerpts, help round out the book as a potentially useful teaching tool." —Kirkus Reviews

Joseph Howard Cooper published book, movie, and stage-play appreciations at the Huffington Post, and The Christian Science Monitor. His “Pauses and Moments” stories appeared at His one-act plays were performed at the New Haven International Festival of Arts & Ideas. More recently, his screenplays – the semi-autobiographical “Life after Lebanon” and the whimsical “Escapes: The Grandpa Chronicles” – have been recognized in a dozen global film-festival script competitions. Cooper’s own experience as a grandfather during the COVID-19 pandemic inspired “Grandpa’s lonely, isn’t he?”, his 2022 debut picture book. His “FaceTime with Grandma” and “What was it like? D-Day June 1944” are works in progress. He lives in Culver City, California.


Joseph Howard Cooper
Patricia DeWitt
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