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  • Why It's Time to Go to Sleep


    The bath is done, the milk is finished, the storybook has been closed. It’s time to go to sleep. The atmosphere of coziness and contentedness is shattered with a single question and the tantrum that goes with it: WHY? Of course, there’s the ...

  • Life as an Awesome Doormat


    Sometimes even when you try to do what’s right, things don’t always work out and you’re left feeling like a doormat. In Life as an Awesome Doormat, author Dorothy MacIntosh shares a delightful array of anecdotes about just that. From growing up with ...

  • The Fuller Picture

    Cam Fuller Looks at Life by

    Sprinting into the grocery story at closing time because your kids need greencoloured snacks for school in the morning. Realizing that when your partner asks if that’s the outfit you’re planning to wear, you’ve planned wrong and will have to change. ...

  • "Hey, there's no violin in this case!"

    Life with 7 Ms 1958-2018 by

    This book chronicles the year-by-year activities of a large, very active family. Frustrations and achievements, gratitude to a Heavenly Father, small business ventures, a love of nature and beauty, much hilarity, the undertaking of thousands of ...

  • Not a Fairy Tale

    A Story of Surviving the First Three Years of Being a Stepmom by

    The inspiring and hilarious story of Maddie Laberge’s journey from a carefree, childless life to becoming a stepmom of three. Nothing could have prepared Maddie for what was about to happen to her quiet, simple life once all three of her husband’s ...

  • Rural Vignettes


    There is the episode when a neighboring youth hid two cases of beer in their privy and the time that the author nearly burned down the farm. And no farm story would be complete without a tale about laughing cows, and there was the time that three ...

  • Being 50 is a Lot of Work


    Turning 50 ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Heck, it’s a lot of work! Your wife sees through all your excuses to get out of housework, and your kids have moved from bedtime stories to jokes about your bald spot. Sports aren’t nearly as fun when ...