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  • Treated Like a Liability

    Veterans Running Battles with the Government of Canada by

    War has evolved, and so have Canada’s security needs. A key asset in any military is high-quality personnel. However, the Canadian Armed Forces ability to attract quality personnel hinges on the success of Veteran Affairs Canada’s ability to care ...

  • Dancing with Fate

    Tom and Bette spurn Rommel and the Blitz by

    Elizabeth Swan (Bette) in WWII London battles through life. Fate surrounds her marriage, Nazi bombs, family deaths, ambulance adventures and then romance and business. Tom Gale, an ordinary soldier endures one of the hardest hit battles in ...

  • Loss of Innocence

    A History of Hotel Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines in Vietnam by

    This book is above all, history. For the first time an author has covered the actions of a single Marine company in Vietnam and their 5+ year deployment. The content of Loss of Innocence is the result of 15 years of official document research, taped ...