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    A Space of Possibility by

    “Faraj” is a Farsi word meaning an opening, a blessing, a space of possibility. Ābtin journeys for a whole year, across deserts and mountains to the sea. The young Zoroastrian hopes to come to terms with his harsh father and his own ambivalence ...

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    Averting An Iranian Geopolitical Crisis

    A Tale of Power Play for Dominance Between Colonial Powers, Tribal and Government Actors in the Pre and Post World War One Era by

    Caught between the Ottoman Empire to the west, the Russian sphere of influence in the north, and the British colonial territories in India and the Middle East, Iran at the end of the nineteenth century was a hotly contested strategic battleground. ...

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    Myth - Message - History by

    ZARATHUSTRA WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST historical personalities known to us, and he forever shifted the course of civilization. Nevertheless, publications about him are fragmented and written for specialized academics only, making them incomprehensible ...