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    • Zoroaster,
    • Zoroastrianism,
    • Persian History and Mythology,
    • Yasna Haptanghaiti,
    • Gathas,
    • Prophet,
    • Avestan

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Myth - Message - History
by Abolghassem Khamneipur

ZARATHUSTRA WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST historical personalities known to us, and he forever shifted the course of civilization. Nevertheless, publications about him are fragmented and written for specialized academics only, making them incomprehensible to the general public. This book, for the first time, presents an easy and reader-friendly view for the educated general public. It examines its subject from the scientific perspective and is interested in the historical beginnings of today’s monotheistic religions. For the understanding of modern monotheism—the one God religions we know today as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—knowledge of Zarathustra and his message in a larger historical context is absolutely essential. Zarathustra was the first Prophet; all other Prophets came after him. The Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristoteles spoke with great respect for him, for he stands with his civility and ethics at the beginning of human civilization, and Friedrich Nietzsche said of him: “The invention of morality by Zarathustra was the greatest philosophical error in human history”

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Abolghassem Khamneipur was born in 1942 in Teheran, Iran. His school and university years were spent in Germany, where he studied philosophy and political science. He graduated from the Hochschule fur Politische Wissenschaften in Munich, Germany. His field of interest is the intersection of philosophy and religion in modern times. He resides as an independent scholar in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Abolghassem Khamneipur

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