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  • Land of the Golden River

    The Medieval Tamil Folk Epic of Poṉṉivaḷa Nāḍu by

    A Journey through Story to Poṉṉivaḷa Nāḍu: An Ancient Tamil Kingdom This remarkable epic-length legend presents a rich and well-rounded view of local South Asian folk history, masterfully interwoven with many social themes and multiple layers of ...

  • Life of A Concubine's Granddaughter

    A Baby Boomer's Story by

    “Like a cat, I feel that I have lived through many lives—none of them sheltered. I’ve never had it easy, but then, I am not one to take the easy way out and I do not give up too easily. Actually, I have had more than my fair share of living, and ...

  • My Father's Amazing Journey of Faith

    A True Story / Journals by

    Sang Sun Lee was a refugee in South Korea during the Korean War. He fled North Korea, leaving behind his wife, children, and parents. During a narrow escape from death, he made a promise to God in exchange for his life. Lee was true to his promise ...

  • China Is Not Our Enemy

    Understanding China In Context To Create A More Harmonious World by

    In a time where the USA seems frantic to maintain their world domination by funding a crusade for democracy, it is easy to paint China as an enemy that needs to be kept in check. But is world domination the right goal? What about world peace and ...

  • In the Bowels of Bureaucracy

    Thirty Years in the Developing World's Bureaucratic Machinery by

    An outsider’s romp through our developing world – countries in transition from planned to market economies, failed states, post-conflict states and the bureaucrats caught in the middle of stagnation, rapid change and chaos. The book is a memoir of ...

  • Weddings Around the World One:

    Sikh Weddings by

    As the new generations of Sikhs are born and raised outside India, the significance and meanings behind the historically rich Punjabi wedding customs and the Sikh wedding ceremonies are being lost because they are not being passed down. Weddings ...

  • India: Future Tense


    Whether you are new to things Indian or have particular interests in India, this book is your decoding manual for the most complex country on earth. India: Future Tense is about forces shaping today’s India and the opportunities Indians have to ...