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  • Beyond Elon

    The Next Great EV and Living Past 200 by

    Can you imagine having your great-great grandparents over for lunch after enjoying a morning run together, sharing sandwiches and tea while gleaning the wisdom of their lived centuries? Or perhaps throwing a ball around with your children’s ...

  • A Slimmer You

    A Natural Way to Lose Weight by

    You don’t need to be stuck in a weight-loss rut, relying on supplements and fad diets to achieve your target weight. Larry Gompf knows that getting slim doesn’t have to mean cutting all the “fun food” out of your diet or sacrificing all your free ...

  • Training For Life

    A Prescription for Fitness by

    Training for Life: A Prescription for Fitness, written by gym owner and fitness coach Hernani Ourique, lives up to its title, focusing on the steps to getting healthy and staying fit for the long term. Unlike the myriad “exercise” books in the ...

  • The Human Body Instruction Manual

    A Guide for Taking Care of a Typical Human by

    This manual is provided when you purchase your first human from us at Human Inc. Humans are very fascinating creatures, but understanding what a human requires and how they function can be very strange. This manual is designed to help our species ...

  • Timely Actions

    A Guide to a Better Life and Retirement by

    Kenneth Glover has been giving advice to his three children and four granddaughters for years. Now those outside of his family will have the opportunity to benefit from his wealth of experience colored by his real-life anecdotes in this book. From ...