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  • Health 4 Life

    User Manual. by

    WHAT IF you could REGAIN CONTROL of your Health? Create an extraordinary quality of life? Your car, your appliances, your electronics… they all came with a USER MANUAL, but YOU didn’t. Unlike any other book on health and wellness, Health 4 Life is ...

  • Walking Next To Cancer

    A Pilgrimage Through the Self by

    In May of 2015, a holistic lifestyle coach is hired to help the post-operative recovery of a successful tough-as-nails business woman determined to defeat cancer with the same aggressive strong-willed determination that had served her so well this ...

  • Be Who You Are

    The Dynamics of Weight Management by

    WEIGHT MANAGEMENT IS NOT ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT to become someone you are not. Weight loss programs can help you lose weight, but fail in the long run because the starting point is based on a negative image of yourself. Successful weight management ...

  • Yoga as Origami

    Themes from Katonah Yoga by

    The practices of the body hold the power to transform the habits of the mind. Understanding the body’s fundamental proportions, folds, and fits is the key to establishing a safe and effective yoga practice and achieving optimal health and ...

  • The Aura: Alchemy of Spirit and Matter

    The Spirituality, Physics, Psychology & Biology of the Aura Volume 1 by

    The Aura: Alchemy of Spirit and Matter, sheds light on a timeless mystery - what is the aura, where does it come from and is it important? The pages within describe the science, psychology, biology and Spiritual elements of the aura. ...