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Be Who You Are
The Dynamics of Weight Management
by Dr. Henri Marcoux

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT IS NOT ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT to become someone you are not. Weight loss programs can help you lose weight, but fail in the long run because the starting point is based on a negative image of yourself. Successful weight management only works when you feel confident and happy about who you are and consciously choose to lose weight (or not) from a positive perspective.

Managing weight is really about managing yourself into being the best you can be, loving yourself and letting your body find the shape that best suits who you are.

Managing weight is not about losing pounds. It is about losing what is weighing you down!

“You cannot be anything but yourself so you might as well...GET INTO IT!"

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Dr. Marcoux graduated in 1966 and started his practice with an interest in whole person dynamics always looking into as many aspects of a patients complaints including diet and quality of life. In the early years he specialized in Chiropractic Orthopedics and became very conscious of how emotional tension and poor diet contributed significantly to lower back and neck pain syndromes. This opened the door to helping patients to deal with stress and nutrition in order to create a high energy lifestyle where weight issues do not exist. Dealing with weight problems became an important part of the therapy and care he offered his patients.

It was only after recognizing the futilities associated to weight loss programs that he started to tell patients to stay fat and deal with who they were in their deepest self. The results spoke for themselves and are revealed in these pages. It has become imperative to finally share these insights with those persons seeking a more realistic way to deal with weight management and the epidemic of obesity in our current society.


Dr. Henri Marcoux

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