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  • Green War: An Unmanifest Destiny


    By the year 2027, on the North American landmass, East of the Mississippi River, a new government had risen in Philadelphia, bringing stability back to everyplace it had touched. This entity became known as the Restored American Federal Government, ...

  • Positive Memory

    What if watching your memories could solve a murder and save humanity? by

    Celebrity reporter Dillon Murphy survives the mysterious accident that kills his wife, Jillian. His distraught children convince him to try PAstREAM, an innovative new device that reaches into the brain and plays back memories in real time, to help ...

  • Cromby's Axiom


    Before we were all connected, before we were The Hive, there was individualism, privacy, ‘personal space’ . . . so quaint, so unnecessary . . . so dangerous . . . TOMMY PIERRE ANTIKAGAMAC, a star quarterback, is the most followed player in the ...

  • Doodleman and the Tail of Two Kingdoms


    Two fictional worlds exist side-by-side. One is home to a united population that follows science, inclusion, and common sense. The other is led by a want-to-be king who styles himself as the Emperor and is only interested in his own concerns. ...

  • Legacy

    The Lost Road by

    Through a curious turn of events, past and present intersect, as one man’s curse becomes another man’s fortune—not a treasure of silver and gold, but something extraordinary. Nicolas Mason never expected to find adventure in his quiet town, but fate ...

  • Contagion


    SET IN A POST-APOCALYPTIC, DYSTOPIAN NEAR FUTURE, Jack Lanigan is a traumatized Former CIA agent working as a security guard in Polaris - a powerful security agency that acts as its own nation-state within the city of Chicago. When Jack accidentally ...

  • Anahita


    After a simple farmer finds a dead little girl who’s been mystically resurrected in front of his eyes, he can have no way of knowing that she has unique powers… something the lost little girl doesn’t know either. Years later, that little girl, ...

  • Leana


    This Western-meets-post-apocalyptic novel asks the question: what would you do for the ones you hold the closest? How many lines would you be willing to blur for them? Leana tells three stories, all of them set in the small town of Leana, Wyoming, ...

  • Cyberbrain: Guardian Angel


    In the mid-21st century, newborns in the United States are legally required to befitted with a “cyber,” an electronic device that has successfully slashed crime rates by changing the thought patterns of the people who have them. In Canada, ...