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  • The Paranoian


    There’s a rap on Lester Netherman’s apartment door. It’s a little blue man from the planet Paranoia named Pymm. And so begins a series of misadventures culminating in a bizarre journey to a remote desert region of Nevada. There, after an encounter ...

  • You Might Feel a Little Prick


    A screaming snowman plummets from the top floor of Cleveland Mercy Hospital—a decaying relic built before the first pandemic—and disappears into the snow drifts below. By the time his thawed corpse is discovered the following spring, a body count of ...

  • Winds of Change

    (and a whisper) by

    What should we make of the winds of change blowing through our culture? The stories in this book explore some of those changes, and seek to entertain while offering a few insights.

  • Imagination Drift: Space for Evermore


    IMAGINATION DRIFT: SPACE FOR EVERMORE is the conclusion of the trilogy. The protagonists are spirited energy forms and their stories merge the human and animal worlds with all its rationalities and irrationalities; its realities and fantasies set ...

  • Dear Mommy's Boss

    A Kid's Perspective of the Corporate Workplace by

    Looking for a way to hint to your boss that perhaps it’s time to cut you some slack in the childcare department? Or perhaps you’ve been searching for a way to thank your accommodating boss because they've shown that they "get it". Dear Mommy’s ...

  • The Last Smoker on Earth

    and the End of Literature by

    All great writers in history were smokers but now smoking had been banned globally effective New Year’s Day 2009. The Act of Cessation was launched during the transition between the Bush and Obama administrations with dire implications because of ...

  • Ordinary

    The humorous life journey of a guy named Ron by

    Based loosely on the author’s own life, this is the fictionalized account of the experiences of a man growing up in Canada in the ‘60s, with all of the complications, Playboy magazines, and bell-bottom jeans that implies. Ordinary takes the reader ...

  • Ace McCool


    Ace McCool is an over-the-top spoof of the airline industry. It relates the hilarious misadventures of a fly-by-night, corner-cutting airline called Down East International, based in Moncton, New Brunswick. The stories start with Ace McCool, a ...

  • Brutus Nation


    Welcome to Brutus Nation, a ferocious, all-guns-blazing, neo-noir thriller set in the dog-eat-dog world of Athenian Union, where corruption, extortion, and murder are mere appetizers, and annihilation of every living enemy is the main course. It ...

  • Doodleman and the Tail of Two Kingdoms


    Two fictional worlds exist side-by-side. One is home to a united population that follows science, inclusion, and common sense. The other is led by a want-to-be king who styles himself as the Emperor and is only interested in his own concerns. ...