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  • Here's to Joe


    The huge dark sky. The crashing waves. The smell of the ocean. An escape? Or another trap? Scott has rented a house in an old seaside town in Nova Scotia. He plans to spend the summer painting and escaping from the hustle of his career in Toronto. ...

  • For the Money and the Fun


    This is life below decks—as far below decks as one can go in a corvette. During the height of WWII, Ike walks into HMCS Chippawa (Winnipeg) to enlist in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. He joins up with romantic notions of rising through ...

  • Henry Oakum

    Finder of Lost Treasure by

    Henry Oakum is in a pub one night when he overhears a local myth about the loss of a German World War II submarine filled with loot pillaged by none other than Herman Göering, head of the Luftwaffe and one of Adolf Hitler’s most trusted advisors. ...

  • Caves of Trolan


    When Captain Irid Tragar’s merchant ship gets caught in a storm, he comes across a mysterious uncharted island. While circumnavigating, he discovers a towering black castle nestled high above in the cliffs and reports his findings to his superior in ...

  • Captain Wilder Part Three

    The Red Pirate's Revenge by

    It's a showdown on the high seas as the electrified explorer James Wilder stands once and for all against his nemesis, the red pirate Olaf Riddeck. Join James and his companions as they race across the globe to locate the scattered deposits of a ...

  • Poseidon's Gambit


    The assembled crew from Napoleon’s Gold is called to an encore performance. While the fragile Peace of Amiens still holds, it is become clear that the French and Dutch in the East Indies are using the great Dutch base at Batavia to supply and ...

  • Napoleon's Gold


    Napoleon’s Gold is a historical fiction, set during the the Peace of Amiens, which marked the end of the French Revolutionary War and the beginning of the Napoleonic War. Smugglers and spies mingle with Admiralty Lords and the Heir to the Throne, ...