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psychological fiction, women’s fiction, women’s Christian fiction, domestic abuse fiction, domestic violence fiction, abusive relationships fiction, spousal abuse fiction

Bruised but Not Broken
by Marjorie A. Bingham

Do fairy-tales romances exist? Bruised but Not Broken is a fictitious story centred on the life of Kaitlin, a woman seeking romance and love through online dating. When she meets an alluring and mysterious man—Greg Kingston—Kaitlin is initially captivated by her Prince Charming's enchanting personality and ravishing good looks.

Before long, though, Greg begins to show his dark side, becoming more possessive and elusive. Once confident and happily in love, Kaitlin begins to doubt everything. She finds herself in a tug of war between Greg’s charisma and lies, plus haunted by her own paranoia. This contemporary Christian novel explores how Kaitlin is physically, emotionally, and spirituality trapped.

Marjorie Bingham is an ordained reverend who has witnessed the suffering of people who have been subjected to abuse. After recognizing the power of words to create and destroy, Bingham was inspired to write this story to highlight the internal struggle between the abusers and victims. She is currently working on three books with spiritual insights. Bruised but Not Broken is her first novel.


Marjorie A. Bingham

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