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  • Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Crucified

    A novel by

    Based on the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, Who Was Crucified takes readers “behind the scenes” and provides a unique perspective on the childhood, ministry, and death and resurrection of Christ. While incorporating details ...

  • A Sword Shall Pierce Your Soul

    The Story of Jesus' Mother by

    Based on the biblical account of Mary, mother of Jesus, A Sword Shall Pierce Your Soul takes readers back to first-century Israel, where they meet a young woman whose “Yes” to God heralded the first notes of the gospel. From her engagement to Joseph ...

  • Consuming Fire

    The Story of Josiah, King of Judah by

    Hamutal is a humble shepherdess who follows the mesmerizing voice of God. When rowdy criminals assault her at Jerusalem’s cistern one afternoon before Sabbath, she feels hopeless until Josiah rescues her and leaves the men bleeding in the ...